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Welcome to the OPSL - West Mississauga Talons Soccer Club !

We are dedicated to the development of grassroots soccer in Ontario.  We strive to teach, develop and implement the basic skills of soccer, while creating a fun and enjoyable experience for players, parents, coaches, referees and volunteers alike.

With our guidance, your support and your child's willingness to learn, through the years we will assist them in their development and help them to become the best they can be.  They don't have to be the best on the team, but inspire to be.

We have developed a four tiered system that will get your child to where they want to be and help make their dreams reality.

  • TIER 1 - House League Play - this is the first step to learning and developing  soccer skills.  It is a recreational program geared towards teaching your child the basic soccer skills, team development, good sportsmanship and most of all fun.   During our House League programs we will be watching, along with our coaches, referees and supervisory staff who will let us know how your child is doing.  Then, when they are ready we will move them into the next level....
  • TIER 2 - "Call Ups List" Skills Development Program.  This program will be offered only to our particpating House League participant who are ready for the next step and want to progress to the next level.  This will entitle them to receive weekly invitations to participate in Skill Develepment Clinics under the supervision of our Academy Trainers & Rep Coaches who will prepare them for a possible future placement & particpation on at more competitive level.  Most clincis will be 1.5 hours - 2 hours in length and will only be offered to those on the "Call Up List" on a pay as you go basis.  Attendance, effort and dedication will also be part of their assessment and consideration for the next level ....
  • TIER 3 - Rep Teams & All Star Teams - This is a competitve level of play whereby formed teams will represent our Club in an outside league.  These teams will travel the GTA and host other teams from other Clubs at our home field.  Training will consist of three components: Academy skill training- individual development, team dynamics and land/fitness/nutritian training.  Being selected for a team is a committment!  You and your child will be expected to be committed to all games and practices (Training approximately two - three times per week depending on the age group plus Saturday game day)  Playing time is earned not based on equal time for all.  For example, if your child misses a practice without reason, you can be sure they will sit the first shift at the game.  Effort is number one!  Priority playing time will be given to those kids that give the best effort over those who just give a little, no matter what the skill level.  Work ethic is most important to the team dynamics, team success and to get them to the next level....  We can teach them the skills we can't teach them ambition.
  • TIER 4 - Showcasing and Scholarships.  As a Club and with the Leagues we select to particpate in, we will make it our priority to get your child noticed by Univeristies & Professional Clubs that can take them to where they want to go ... straight to the top! 

And lets not forget how a Scholarship is a nice payback for all your time as a parent, dedication and financial support over the years, not to mention the bragging rights.

Our Club Philosophy

Being from a European background, we will be basing our playing style and emphasis on what we call the SIX "P's"

  • Possession
  • Positioning
  • Passing
  • Patience
  • Performance
  • Power

By working on developing individual skills in each of these areas, through simple, proper techniques and game development, we can instill a strong foundation of the basics of soccer allowing for further and future success.

We hope you will join us in our quest of becoming the best Soccer Club in our Community!

See you soon !!

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