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FOR BOYS & GIRLS BETWEEN 3 - 17  (must turn 3 before the end of the soccer season and must still be 17 at the end of the soccer season)

House League is a recreational soccer program that focuses on learning the basic soccer skills, fair and equal playing time, good sportsmanship, enthusiasm and making fun memorable experiences for all.


Once you have completed your ONLINE registration and payment, you will instantly receive an email confirming your registration.  You will then receive a printable receipt that you can use for your taxes.  This receipt will also be stored in your personal PROFILE you created when doing your online registration.  Please check your JUNK MAIL if you do not see these confirmation emails.  If you find us in your junk mail, be sure to move us to your inbox and add us as a contact.  ALL CORRESPONDENCE WILL BE DONE BY EMAIL so please make sure you have your email setting set to allow us to go directly into your inbox.

All registration information, team allocation, coaches contact info, schedules and receipts can be found in your PROFILE.  It is the responsibility of the parent to check your PROFILE regularly for updates especially when it is getting close to the start of the season.

Once your child has been placed on a team you will receive an email. Again, please check your PROFILE for this information and your JUNK MAIL.  Team allocation finalization will be done in early May.  The Outdoor League will begin after the long weekend in May

Uniform & Equipment: Outdoor Summer League

The Club will provide, as part of your registration, each participant with Shirt, Shorts, and Socks.  You must provide outdoor soccer shoes with cleats  - (no indoor shoes or running shoes) and shin guards.  Players will not be allowed to play if they are not wearing shin guards !

Uniform & Equipment: Indoor League

The Club will provide, as part of your registration, each participant with Shirt, Shorts, and Socks.  You must provide an indoor soccer shoe or a flat soled running shoe - (no cleats) and shin guards.  Players will not be allowed to play if they are not wearing shin guards !


Game day will consist of a SKILL OF THE WEEK PRACTICE followed by an official refereed GAME.

We are dedicated to the development of grassroots soccer and have developed and implemented a common curriculum program called the SKILL Of The WEEK.  It is an online training program that will assist players in learning the proper techniques to develop the basic skills of soccer.  This program should be viewed each week by players, parents and coaches.

Before each game, each week, the league will incorporate one of the basic skills in a SKILL OF THE WEEK Practice.  The Skill of the Week will be posted online so that players, parents and coaches can view the skill and practice it prior to the Skill of the Week practice session.    Players will then come the day of play and the Skill of the Week will be demonstrated with the help from trained referees, coaches and supervisors.  The skill will be practiced until the referees and coaches feel that each child has a good grasp on the skill and can preform it with some degree of proficiency.  Once all participants can perform the skill to a satisfactory level, the games will begin.  This skill of the week practice takes place before each game and is mandatory for all participants.  This ensures that all players are receiving the basic techniques needed to improve and develop further.  A strong foundation will give each player the confidence and ability to advance.  The posted time on your playing schedules will be when the Skill of the Week practice will begin.  Please be on time! Practice will begin promptly at the time listed on the schedules with or without you.

You know the saying: “Practice makes perfect” - No saying could be truer when it comes to skill development in soccer. The more you practice the better you will get! We have provided an ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM so that you and your child can view and practice different skills and fun tricks each week. We encourage every player to use this tool and to practice each Skill Of The Week at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week. If you really want to improve, you will have to do your homework and practice your skills regularly!

You will be required to commit to one day a week. Games & Practices will begin on time, so please come 5 – 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 



To keep the cost of Soccer affordable for all, we rely on Parent Volunteer Coaches, Assistants and Helpers.  If you would like to take this wonderful opportunity to participate with your child in a memorable experience, sign up to coach, assist or help out on your child's team.

With the common curriculum skill of the week, trained referees and supervisory staff, we will always be there to assist you.  No experience is necessary!  Just the will to have fun, be encouraging and have a whole lot of enthusiasm.  We will support you all the way and help you become a good knowledgeable coach.  We will be holding a skill clinic for all participants in early May and will be asking all the volunteers to come out and assist.  We will show you how to organize and train your team in a friendly fun environment.  House League is for learning not just for players but for coaches and officials too!  It's all about the basics and developing a structured foundation for success.

Training Manuals online and pre-season coaching clinics are provided to help coaches get started and provide excellent drills and tips for practices, as well as our ONLINE Skills Of the Week Training program for coaches and players.

Sometimes a coach is unable to fulfill their commitment to coach the team.
This may be due to changes in their personal life or their work schedule. It is then up to the parents of the players on the team to step up and help out. Two or three parents, working together, results in a successful season for all the children and often a fun and rewarding experience for themselves. 
Teamwork is what we want to promote and instill in our children and it starts with all parents being helpful and supportive.

Remember, it is not necessary to have a strong soccer background to coach recreational house league teams. The best coaches are those who are encouraging, put the kids first and understand that the children sign up to participate and have fun. 


ALL our Referees are trained, however for some of our referees this will be their first season and they are learning too!  Please remember that nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes especially under pressure and while learning.  We all learn from our mistakes and unless we make them we will not learn.  Even on the World Cup stage high profile referees make the wrong calls which often effect the outcome of the game.  We need to teach our children that sometimes life is not always fair and sometimes things may not go the way we want them to or the way they should have gone.  Lets help them keep their chins up, be respectful and show good sportsmanship.  Our children are sure to come across disappointment many times throughout their lives and how we teach them to deal with it could be the most important lesson learned.

If you have concerns regarding a referee please let the referee supervisor know immediately and they will deal with the situation.  Do not approach the referees during or after the games.


Zero Tolerance Policy: Harassment of referee, coaches, players and staff will not be tolerated by anyone.  All of our referees are trained and for some this will be their first season; they are also learning so be patient.  If continual problems persist please report it to the Field Manager, Referee Supervisor or send an email to with your concerns.  Under no circumstance should you approach the referees, coaches or players yourself.   Reports of such incidents may be cause for expulsion from the League, the Club and its facilities.  In such cases No refunds will be granted.    

Refund Policy:  All Registrations are non-refundable - Club Credit ONLY

Please Note:  In the best interest of the League, OPSL/ “Organization” executive reserves the right to transfer players to other teams after the start of the season and up until the third game of the season in order to balance teams and make fun and fair play for all.  If this should happen, we would appreciate your cooperation.

It is important to remember that House League is recreational soccer and we are all here to have fun, teach good sportsmanship, soccer skills and team spirit. Losing is often a part of life and how we, as parents, choose to handle the experience will reflect on our children, so please, let's teach our children good life lessons. 


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